Pugs Hackathon

As Audrey "autrijus" Tang is going to stay in Israel a few weeks we are planning to provide her with a platform to hack on. For this before the conference we are planning to go out to the wilderness for a few days with notebooks and an uplink to the world and do some Pugs hacking.

Larry Wall will also participate in the Hackathon

That is, the more adventures types can join this additional event. We are goint to rent rooms in a "Zimmer" (B&B for the British) and move there for a few days.

This is a very good opportunity to get started with Perl6 or Haskell or both.

Planned dates are 2006 February 21-25.
Exact details will be announced later.
Expected cost for the hackathon is ~ 40 USD/night/person + food.






Please send comments, questions etc. to the organizers.