Cost and Payment

The full prices is 650 NIS/person.

We encourage students, non-profit, and other individuals to join the conference by offering a special price.

Company paidStudents, Unemployed, non-profits
Regular (Three days):650 NIS290 NIS
One-day only:450 NIS190 NIS
HaMakor members/friends fee:240 NIS
ISOC-IL members fee:240 NIS
HaMakor and ISOC-IL members fee:190 NIS
  • One-day pass is valid for any single day of the conference. You will have to decide on the day at least 1 week prior to the conference.
  • Lunch is included for company paid visitors
  • Speakers of talks 20 minutes or longer are invited to help cover the conference expenses by paying the participation fee but are not required to so.

Payment methods: The financial aspects of the conference are dealt by Hostlocal Ltd. (better known by its marketing name as PTI).

  • Credit Cards
    We are using the services of to process Credit Card payments.
    In order to pay by Credit Card please visit OSDC payment on Fill in the correct amount.
    You can pay for more than one person in one payment, but then please provide the list of people.
    If you are a member of HaMakor, please include your membership number in the comments field.
    Tax Receipts will be sent to the address given on the payment form.
  • Checks
    Please write the check to "Hostlocal Ltd." and send it to our address
  • Wire transfer:
    Please contact Gabor Szabo on 054-4624648 for details.
  • If your company needs to receive official price quote and invoice before the payment can be done, please contact Gabor Szabo on 054-4624648. Please, make sure you do it ASAP.
  • If your company wants to send a purchase order they can send it to my mobile fax: 050-8963962 to "Hostlocal Ltd";

In any case please register as well so we can see who is participating.






Please send comments, questions etc. to the organizers.