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Making a Living from Open Source - Practical Insights
by: Joel Barel (length: 60) (language: TBD-English-or-Hebrew)
Tersus Software Ltd. was founded in May 2003 with the mission to introduce a new standard in writing software using a visual flow-oriented language as an alternative to writing code. Tersus released its visual programming platform as Open Source last summer and is profitable ever since.

Joel Barel, one of the Tersus founders will conduct an Open discussion with examples and real-life expiriences regarding some of the questions and realities he faced.

Topics to be covered:
- Licensing issues
- Business Model
- Protecting your IP
- Open Source: an Asset or Liability in the sales cycle
- And above all, Bringing a salary home each month

The Hacker's Guide to Marketing
by: Amit Bendov (length: 60) (language: Hebrew)
Admit it-- you are coding for fun, but somewhere, consciously or not, you’re dreaming about hacking your way to fame and glory. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! After all, how is an open source project to better the world if there are fewer users than purple Dalai Lama's? Problem is, while a few open source projects make it big time, 1000's of other are doomed for eternal obscurity. It's as simple as that-- while their creators can dish out byte code blindfold, they are oblivious to the dynamics of spreading an idea.

But wipe out that doom and gloom face. You too CAN improve your marketing skills.
In this interactive session, we will discuss some of the "do or die" rules of marketing by analyzing some of the shooting stars (think Firefox, Bit Torrent, Rails) and, yes, some of the failures. While we are at it, we'll bust some myths such as "you are born a marketer," "marketing means spending Millions on advertising", "little projects can't compete with the big boys."

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