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Revision Control Systems
by: Mikhael Goikhman (length: 60) (language: Hebrew)
Modern software development is impossible without version control systems. This talk discusses the common principles under Revision Control as well as the different approaches. Several free software implementations are compared, including CVS and Subversion (centralized development), GNU Arch and GIT (distributed development).

The slides are available from .

Revision control with darcs
by: Yuval Kogman (length: 40) (language: TBD-English-or-Hebrew)
Introduction to revision control, what is it good for

hands on darcs usage

* importing
* recording
* pushing, pulling
* tagging
* dependencies

* naughty commands (unrecord, unpull, amend-record)

How is this different from central version control (compare with subversion)

introduce taylor

Total accepted length:100






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