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'Arrange' - Advanced Web Interface to DB without Code
by: Daniel Ariel (length: 40) (language: Hebrew)
A new way to design and manage web interfaces to databases, Arrange combines the convenience of Access(R) with the rugged reliability of MySQL/PostgreSQL and the universality of a web based interface.

This lecture will explain the need for a tool that does not require programming to allow creation of interfaces to simple databases, and show the unique way in which Arrange fills that gap.

* Existing Solutions
* Advantages and Disadvantages of the existing approaches
* The missing glue between PHP and the browser
* Replacing "wizards" with "automatic forms" - the concept
* Boundless design flexibility, Endless uses
* Universal Accessibility
* Making database access so simple, that you will want to put everything into databases

Perl::Tk - Basic
by: Dov Levenglick (length: 60) (language: TBD-English-or-Hebrew)
This talk delivers the basics of Perl::Tk using an example consisting of some of the basic widgets that keep building upon itself.

Quickly Creating Professional Looking Application Using wxPython, py2exe and
by: Miki Tebeka (length: 40) (language: English)
We'll create a small windows application that has a graphical user interface and an installer using the above tools.

The whole application will be built during the presentation.

This presentation will provide a gool template for creating a professional looking project.

Text-based as a GUI
by: Alon Altman (length: 5) (language: English)
Sometimes it's easy and practical to use simple console output, without even using ncurses, to create a simple "graphical" interface very quickly. This is useful if you want to program and play a game in the course of one flight...

by: Peter Gordon (length: 90) (language: English)
wxWidgets is a cross-platform set of libraries which lets you program for Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac without too much heartache.

The presentation will show a mix of how to use wxWidgets with C++ and Perl. It will also feature the use of DialogBlocks. DialogBlocks helps compile the libraries and is also a GUI builder.

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