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'Arrange' - Advanced Web Interface to DB without Code
by: Daniel Ariel (length: 40) (language: Hebrew)
A new way to design and manage web interfaces to databases, Arrange combines the convenience of Access(R) with the rugged reliability of MySQL/PostgreSQL and the universality of a web based interface.

This lecture will explain the need for a tool that does not require programming to allow creation of interfaces to simple databases, and show the unique way in which Arrange fills that gap.

* Existing Solutions
* Advantages and Disadvantages of the existing approaches
* The missing glue between PHP and the browser
* Replacing "wizards" with "automatic forms" - the concept
* Boundless design flexibility, Endless uses
* Universal Accessibility
* Making database access so simple, that you will want to put everything into databases

Asterisk AGI Programing using PHPAGI
by: Nir Simionovich (length: 60) (language: English)
Asterisk is an Open Source PBX software, capable of being extended utilizing the AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) language. AGI programing can be performed with any programing language capable of performing STDIN and STDOUT functionality.
The purpose of the presentation would be to introduce programers to concepts of AGI programing using the PHPAGI class, with a small touch at the end of the presentation into the Asterisk Manager API interface.

Code Generation an Introduction
by: Zachary Kessin (length: 40) (language: English)
I will introduce the idea of a code generator and show a number of examples of how to write code to create executable code. The majority of examples will be in PHP with some javascript and email lisp as well.

I will focus on a number of small code generators which can generate a function or two as well as the idea of a big generator which can build an entire application.

Model-View-Controller Design Pattern for Web Applications
by: Roi Avinoam (length: 40) (language: Hebrew)
The session will describe the basic principles of Design Patterns in general and will focus on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern in particular. It will explain the traditional MVC pattern and it's tweakings to be used in a Web Application enviorment.

Total accepted length:180






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