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A Peek into pugs Internals
by: Gaal Yahas (length: 60) (language: English)
How does pugs actually work? There are a few ways to answer this question, but none of them take an hour :-)

In this talk, I'll present some work on a particular feature (lexical pragmas) I've been working on. It turned out to be an interesting topic because it was harder than expected, involving deep guts and setting off some language discussions.

I will show you real code, but you don't have to know Haskell or Perl 6 to understand the talk (can't hurt though!). If you know Perl 5 or a similar language, and understand what happens when you use a module, you should be able to follow, and learn a bit about what goes on under the hood.

Introduction to Pugs
by: Audrey Tang (length: 40) (language: English)
Started in February 2005, Pugs is an implementation of the Perl 6 language that contains an interpreter based on Haskell and a compiler that targets multiple backends, including Parrot and Haskell. In this talk, Pugs author Autrijus Tang presents the design of Pugs and the current state of the project. This talk also covers ways to put Pugs to immediate practical use and the roadmap for future development of Pugs and Perl 6.

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