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A Date with Ruby
by: Premshree Pillai (length: 40) (language: English)
Ruby is an interpreted, pure object-oriented programming language that combines the best parts of Perl and Python. It has, in many ways, a lot in common with Perl. In fact, it's even called "A Better Perl".

Ruby follows the principle of least surprise (POLS), like most modern programming languages. Its simplicity and power has made it a very popular language in recent times.

This talk will introduce the audience to the language, and the "Ruby way" of doing things.

Hands-on Rails
by: Premshree Pillai (length: 60) (language: English)
Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby for writing web applications with ease. It has a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

Rails doesn't have its own domain language; templates, control flow, and business logic -- everything -- is written in Ruby.

The tutorial would talk a bit about the framework itself, and later get hands-on with a demo of building a simple web application using Rails.

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