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Abusing pyunit To Run Regression Tests
by: Miki Tebeka (length: 5) (language: English)
We'll cover how to use Python's dynamic classes to abuse pyunit and run regression tests with it.

Automatic Testing With Perl In Multi-Platform+Multi-Process Environment
by: guy keren (length: 40) (language: Hebrew)
At StoreAge we write a product that performs SAN virutalization, composed into a SAN manager, and host agents that run on various platforms (Various Unices, Linux, Windows... see for details).

We needed to write automatic tests in order to allow quick regression testing for new versions of our host agents.

The tests involved creation of virtual volumes, running I/O on top of them and performing management operations simultaneously (e.g. creating snapshots), in various configurations.

I wrote the system in perl because i speak it freely, because it has many small tools that help developers, and because it is portable to various platforms.

Porting to various platforms proved simple enough. Some platforms (AIX, Windows) required more thinking...

Extending the python 'logging' module
by: Ori Peleg (length: 5) (language: English)
A simple tutorial on how to extend the logging module with new
functionality, the demo will be adding the user name and calling
function as optional keywords to the formatting.

Firefox as a testing tool.
by: Thomas Maier (length: 5) (language: Hebrew)
Firefox can be much more then only web browser.

Indexing TCP streams within large capture files repository
by: Thomas Maier (length: 20) (language: Hebrew)
My company is using "tcpreplay" as a testing tool.
We're replaying every night hundreds of different capture
files through our devices. The pcap repository includes more
then 1000 files in total size of 1.5TB. When some nasty TCP
stream cause us a headache, we need to find the right pcap
file to reproduce the problem.
The question is not how to find it, but how to find it fast.
Of course with Perl it is an easy job ;-)

Test::Run - a new and improved test harness
by: Shlomi Fish (length: 20) (language: English)
This presentation will introduce Test::Run to an unsuspecting world. Test::Run is a new test harness for Perl, based on the code of Test::Harness, but much more improved.



For more information about Test::Run.

The presentation will cover the history and motivation of Test::Run, its objectives and design guidelines, the possibilities that are opened by it, and some future directions.

TestOOB: History, design, using, and extending
by: Ori Peleg (length: 60) (language: English)
TestOOB is a testing framework for Python (

In this talk I'll discuss the history of TestOOB, its basic design and
some interesting design decisions, how to use it to run your unittest
suites and use special TestOOB-only features, and how to extend it with
features using real patches sent to us as examples.

This could easily be a workshop (the using+extending part).

Another Idea would be to have this talk, and then be available in the
lab for people who want to try TestOOB with their own stuff.

Thoughts on Testing
by: Ori Peleg (length: 60) (language: English)
Testing is a popular and hype-filled subject in today's
post-Extreme-Programming world. I don't claim to know better than most
about it, but I do know better than I did when I started with it all
those years ago.

So far this talk has proved interesting for listeners who know nothing
about testing, as well as listeners who know much more than I do.

The talk will cover, among other topics, basic approaches to testing,
different types of testing, the proper role of testing in development,
why testing should only be done with agile languages.
It is agnostic to the development and life-cycle models used.

Total accepted length:215






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