Why you should attend OSDC

Why you should attend OSDC


Sharpen your pencil

In his book The Pragmatic Programmer, development guru Dave Thomas recommends that you learn a new programming language every year. Even if you don't use them, it'll make you a better programmer. At OSDC, you'll be introduced not to one, but to several of the trendiest languages.

Who knows, will one of them be your new love?

Feed your creative bug

Even if you don't develop or use open source technology, one thing is certain-- you can get plenty of inspiration.

Meet old friends, make new friends

OSDC is a great place to meet like-minded developers who are passionate about software developement. There'll be plenty of time to chat and exchange ideas. We are also planning a social dinner on the first night.

Development Managers, CTO's

Understand the tools of your trade

In the words of marketing guru Geoffrey Moore, Open Source technology has crossed the chasm-- it's entering mainstream. OSDC is Israel's best place to learn about the latest and greatest in Open Source, and to hear about it directly from the developers

Meet great developers

Open Soure developers are typically the crop of the creme. Why? Because they develop for fun, and they are passionate about perfecting their craft. Who knows- perhaps you'll meet people to help you with your next project?






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